At her Thai border clinic, Cynthia Maung treats victims of war from her native Burma


Dr. Cynthia Maung, who “escaped from Burma two decades ago and now trains others at her clinic in Thailand to help refugees from violence in her homeland.” Tibor Krausz/CS Monitor 


This article by The Christian Science Monitor describes the incredible life and work of Dr. Cynthia Maung, who founded, works for, and lives at the Mae Tao Clinic. The clinic provides healthcare to Burmese exiles and saves thousands of lives. The Back Pack Health Worker Team works intimately with this organization.

“Still, many people in rural hinterlands can’t come to Mae Sot, so Dr. Maung’s clinic goes to them…Dodging land mines and ambushes by government troops during these arduous hikes into the war zones of a fierce, decades-old separatist insurgency, members of the clinic’s Backpack Health Worker Team lug bulky supplies of medicine in rucksacks and wicker baskets fastened with straps slung across their foreheads.”

Read the original article here.


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