About Us

The Back Pack Health Worker Team (BPHWT) was founded to empower local communities to provide primary healthcare services to underserved populations in conflict-affected areas of Burma, particularly in areas that international humanitarian organizations cannot reach.

BPHWT promotes a system that relies on community-based human resources, and so provides health education and training to local populations. As community members continue to increase their health knowledge and capabilities, they are more able to serve as health resources themselves, thereby reducing reliance on clinic-based and BPHWT services over time.

Our organization consists of 100 teams with 380 health workers and a network of 1,050 traditional birth attendants, village health volunteers, and village health workers serving a targeted population of approximately 225,000 people in Burma.

The BPHWT looks forward toward the day when its health workers become an integral component of a viable healthcare system in a federal union of Burma with peace, justice, and equality for all of its people.


Back Pack Health Worker Team consists of three main programs:


Medical Care Program (MCP)

The Medical Care Program aims to reduce mortality and morbidity rates by diagnosing and treating common illnesses and injuries, including war injuries, in conflict-affected populations in Eastern Burma where access to health care is otherwise unavailable.

Maternal & Child Healthcare Program (MCHP)

MCHP aims to provide safe and antiseptic births for both mothers and infants, improve maternal and child health by training an extensive network of community-selected Traditional Birth Attendants, and encourage positive community attitudes towards and utilization of family planning.

Community Health Education & Prevention Program (CHEPP)

CHEPP was created as a complement to the Medical Care Program, which primarily treats illnesses and injuries, to educate and empower local people and improve the networks among community health organizations. In addition, this program aims to improve water and sanitation systems in the community to reduce water-borne diseases.


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